If you have a Mercedes-Benz vehicle produced between 1991 and 1996 you may have a bad engine wiring harness. This mostly affects model M104 and M119 engines. Many of these have already been replaced under warranty, goodwill, or at the owners expense.  There is no recall or goodwill assistance on these at this time.  If you are considering any type of repair that may disturb the wiring harness on one of these engines of this year range, and are unsure of the condition, have the harness evaluated before you proceed or it may not run when you are done.  We can assist in diagnosing and replacing a damaged engine harness.  The reason this seems to occur is that the insulation may have a biodegradable component and the effects of heat were not fully realized when it was designed. The insulation turned out not to be stable to the heat of the engine compartment and then cracked and flaked off. If not replaced module damage could result.  In some cases the damage can also be present in the throttle actuator cable harness that is part of the electronic accelerator or EA. This is an expensive part where problems are rare. EAs can in many cases be rebuilt, please contact us if you need this service we can send it out for repair.

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