Very common ones to fail are the W220 and W210 (S class and E class) instrument clusters. W220’s are known to go dark and blow fuses, due to failed power transistors.  W210 clusters typically have garbled displays. With the cost of a instrument cluster exceeding $1000 in many cases, not including labor, we can provide other repair options to consider.  

Since many new or rebuilt instrument clusters provided by the dealer are blank they have to be coded, and the odometer set, to work correctly. Labor is around $150. If you consider the option of having it repaired, then the labor to install and remove is minimal and there is no coding to be considered.  The cost to repair is now considerably less, probably less than half. You may be without the use of the car during the repair, as the instrument cluster will be shipped out of state for repairs. 

The most repairs on instrument clusters involves bulb replacement that are done in house. The instrument cluster is removed, all bulbs tested, and any faulty bulbs replaced. The labor cost is around $76 plus any needed bulbs. The instrument cluster bulbs can be over $5 each, so replacing all of them is not usually cost effective. We typically replace any bulbs that are always on with the lights, and test and replace any others that may be out.  

Call or email us if you are having problems with your instrument cluster or have questions.