Vehicles with semi-active air suspension or Airmatic have a few issues to be concerned with. Compressor failure can be caused by a worn or sticking relay, the compressor will run on and overpressure leading to failure. If replacing the compressor you should replace the relay, it is also useful to replace the air filter for the compressor and the inlet airline if it’s deteriorated. Burned harness wiring to the compressor is common when the relay sticks on and must be identified and replaced or the new compressor can be unreliable. Leaks are common at the front Airmatic struts on the W220 chassis S-class before 2003. A repair kit is available to retrofit these struts and repair the leak without strut removal. As these struts age the airbags can also leak, if the vehicle is W220 2000-2002 you may want to replace the strut rather than repair the top. If an Airmatic strut or air spring is leaking it should be replaced. A new strut is always the best solution but aftermarket remanufactured and Mercedes remanufactured air struts are available in many cases at half the cost of new units. Depending on the applications some are better than others based on warranty rates and we can advise you if new or a Mercedes remanufactured part is your best option.

W164 rear air springs are usually replaced in pairs. Once the parts are a certain age they can start to leak, the leaks can be positional so you may notice the car sinking when parked but it may be worse if you park on an incline. The level sensor arms on the W164 chassis can get stiff and if the vehicle is crooked or off level even when the compressor is running this could be a cause.

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